Welcome! Come see what's new as we continue to delight and inspire you with items that make your kitchen come alive.


- Beth Wilson, Proprietor

Our Philosophy

At Lemon Zest, we strive to find well-designed, stylish kitchen products that are as much fun to use as they are to choose.  Our goal is to inspire our customers to cook and entertain with a wide range of every-changing merchandise.  We stock top-quality basics like appliances and cookware, as well as a broad range of other

food-related items to help you with your day-to-day kitchen and entertaining needs.  With a fantastic mix of cookbooks and magazines to ignite your imagination, every trip to Lemon Zest is an experience.  Some things are trendy, some are utilitarian, some are whimsical and some are just plain fun.  Come see what’s new today and start living a better culinary lifestyle!